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Why Do I Keep Messing Up My Diet?

Every year, on New Year’s Day, millions of people make a resolution to lose weight and get in shape. In fact, surveys show that this is the number 1 resolution… Read more »


My Genes are Holding Me Back!

If you ever wonder why some people have it so easy, stop yourself. This mindset needs to change and it needs to change ASAP. There is no doubt that some… Read more »


It’s Taking Too Long and I’m Tired!

You’re absolutely right. It is a long and tiring journey. The question you should be asking yourself is, “Why did I think it was going to be fast and easy?”… Read more »


It’s So Difficult When I Don’t Have Time to Exercise!

Almost all articles and fitness books will tell you that this is the most common excuse given by people who don’t exercise. This article will beg to differ. You really… Read more »

step aerobics with dumbbells

Is it Too Late to Start?

There are many people who feel a sense of shame, regret and to certain extent anger with themselves for not being fit. They feel like they’re “old” now and it’s… Read more »


I’m Tired of Starting and Quitting Over and Over!

Guess what? You’re not alone. Every year millions of people make the resolution to lose weight and get the body they have always dreamed of. After a month or two,… Read more »

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